Discover a world of superior imports tailored for Egypt, as we strive to deliver the best products, handpicked with utmost care and expertise.

Discover a world of superior imports tailored for Egypt, as we strive to deliver the best products, handpicked with utmost care and expertise.

Best Commercial Agencies Company in Egypt

Established in 1994 a sector of household appliances with all its components and forms, as well as from major international and local companies.

Commercial Agencies™

The company has adopted distinctive forms that keep pace with the latest global developments It has adopted, and has become, clear principles for the company that do not deviate from, which is the quality of production and the ever-renewing standards in accordance with international updates and production standards and specifications that preserve the health of the family and then society, from ONLY high quality.


“At Commercial Agencies, importing house appliances is our passion, and we are committed to sourcing only the highest quality products to elevate your living experience.” “Experience the pinnacle of home appliances with our expertly curated selection of imported goods, where quality meets innovation for your utmost satisfaction.”


“We believe in a unique approach where our vendors are valued as esteemed customers, fostering strong partnerships built on trust and mutual success.” “We prioritize our vendors’ satisfaction, providing exceptional support, transparent communication, and tailored solutions, because their success is our success.”


“As passionate importers, innovation is at the core of our business philosophy, constantly seeking groundbreaking products and pioneering solutions to exceed market expectations.” “We embrace the power of innovation to revolutionize the import industry, offering cutting-edge products that redefine standards and bring new dimensions of convenience and excellence.”

Commercial Experts

“We Believe in Customer Direct Marketing with Clear Approach”
Since 2018, the company has addressed customers directly through direct sales through its outlets as well as its own electronic marketing platforms, as well as the presence of its products in all sales outlets in malls and shops in both the private and public sectors, as well as electronic marketing platforms throughout the Egyptian Republic and even extended outside the Republic Egypt
Al-Arabiya, for the first time in the history of working in the field of household appliances, introduced a professional after-sales service that sends a message of reassurance to its customers that the sums paid for the purchased goods were not in vain.
Last but not least, the company, headed by its management, believes that success and progress will not come without continuous maintenance of customer satisfaction, quality, health, follow-up and after-sales service.

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